Wrong Time For Regression Part 4

Wrong Time For Regression Part 4
Wrong Time For Regression Part 4

No, this is not   kammypup‘s date, it’s her best friend Penelope, a mountain lion I haven’t had in a picture in foreeeeeeeeverrrrrrrr (bonus points if you can find that picture…).
Penelope came over to talk Kammy into going to the dance as she is and not care about what others think…seems it sparked Kammy in a different direction…to be continued.

Ah hah! I got you all! You expected Kammy’s date here I know it! Ah HAHAHAHAHAHA…er…ACTUALLY…I totally intended this to be where we introduce Kammy’s date, but I kept changing my mind on who it would be. An existing fur belonging to someone else? Would I invent a new fur? Is he going to be mean? Nice? Regressed? Big? I just couldn’t decide…so maybe we’ll run into him later…okay, we will definitely run into him later. I’m open to suggestions on what to make him though… :3

I think we all know where Kammy is going with her light bulb though…

Note: Bonus points are for funsies only…and are in fact worth nothing. :C
Note Note: I have no idea how Gem puts out so many comics so fast…these things are hand-braking…

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/6787581/

Wounder if she is going to made it to the dance.


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