A Needed Vacation

A Needed Vacation
A Needed Vacation

“Another long day?” Toya said as he watched the grey leapolion trot in through his back door, quickly tossing off his coat and shoes. He didn’t even have enough energy left to speak. Slowly, he moved over to the wolf and, giving him a quick hug, he dragged on past him in an exhausted slugish manner. Toya watched as Xaviera moved into the living room and heard him flop down onto the couch, the sound of the TV immediately turning on.
“Hmm…Poor thing.” Toya said with a frown. He returned to cleaning a glass that he’d been drying out with a rag for the last few minutes, only stopping now and again to check his cell phone. Finally, when he went to check it, he smiled. “It’s about time,” he chimed. “I was beginning to think she wasn’t going to do it. But, how could she resist?” Toya set the glass he was drying out down on the countertop, then pulled another glass from a nearby cuppord…

In the living room, Xaviera had the TV turned on low while he lay on the couch. He was absolutely wiped from the exhausting day he spent at the job that worked him too hard. He was glad that Toya had decided to visit that day, but was so burnt out from the day, he could only think about passing out. Slowly, he began to close his eyes, the sound of the TV going from normal, to fuzzy, to muddled as his consciousness became quickly clouded with fatigue. Soon, he was drifting into an easy sleep, before-

“Hey, kitty! Wake up!” He opened his eyes to Toya, standing over him with two glasses full of orange juice.

“The hell… Why-”

“You need to drink more vitamin C! This is flu season after all. If you keep sleeping… you’ll get sick!”

Xaviera gave a grimmace. “What’s your logic on that one?”

Toya remined delightfully silent, but refused to walk away from the kitty that was resting oh so comfortably.

“You’re not going to let me sleep until I drink that, are you?”

Toya shook his head and smiled, offering one of the glasses to Xaviera.

“Fine.” He said, taking the glass and immediately downing it.

“Woah! You can’t drink it that fast! It’ll work too fast-”

But, Xavi has already noticed the strangeness of the drink long before Toya had warned him. Instantly, his body felt invigorated and youthful, as if he’s drank liquid adrenaline. But, there was another feeling that accompanied that- something far more intricate. His body tingled and burned, and he felt smaller by the second. He looked up at Toya still holding the other glass- Wait, was Toya taller?

Xavi got up off of the couch and instantly noticed he was much MUCH shorter than before. He struggled to keep his pants up as he tried to run towards the bathroom to see exactly what was happening, but didn’t make it very far before the bottom of his footpaws were trapped inside the pants that once fit him just perfectly. And then, suddenly, the reaction stopped, and Xavi froze.

“Wha… Wha’ da heww?!” He shouted, then instantly covered his muzzle upon realizing his voice was much higher pitched than before. “TOYA! WHA’ DID CHU DO?!”

But, when Xavi had turned around, He didn’t have to look up to see Toya. Instead, he noticed a tiny grey wolf cub sitting in a puddle of what looked like Toya’s clothes. No- They were Toya’s clothes. And that wolf pup… wasn’t exactly naked.

“Toya… are you wearing a…” Xavi said, pointing to the poofy white thing around Toya’s waist.

“Uh huh! An guess what?” The little wolf pup said, getting up and toddling shakily over to the kitten and ripping the big boy pants from his paws…

“WHAA?! WHAT DA HECK?!” Xavi shouted out, notcing his predicament wasn’t any better than Toya’s.

“You needed a vacation. One whewe you didn’ hav’ ta do anyfin’.” Toya said, plopping back down into his pile of clothes. “It’ww onwy wast da weeken’… I jus’ wanned ta hewp ya welax.”

Xavi grumbled, looking over at Toya. Even if he had tricked him, Xavi couldn’t find the words to complain. He felt energetic and charismatic- Wanting to go play and color and explore… It was a wonderful feeling! But, still…

“How’re we gunna have fun? Neither of us can do anyfin’.” He said, trying his best to protest.

“Nika’s comin’ over soon. She’ll hewp out.” He said, smiling and looking at his chubby paws and belly.

“But… What about… these things?” Xavi said, pointing out their white floofy problems.

“A minow setback.”

Xavi folded his arms and gave his best pouty face to Toya, who was still sitting on the floor looking at him.

“And it’ww onwy wast da weeken’…?”

Toya smiled and nodded.

“Hmm…Weww den…”

Xavi trotted over to Toya and tackled him, playfully pawing at and tickeling him.


“Yer gunna get it for twickin’ me!!” Xavi said, finally laughing and letting the childish spell work it’s magic.

Characters @   xaviera and   toyapup
Art @   marci_mcadam

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/6715630/

From big to a cube again. The look very cute in there diapers and i hope some one take care of them now when there are cub :)

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