2 thoughts on “Little Fur’s Productions 17 “Born This Way”

  1. I love it. Its very thought provoking on different levels. It definitely spoke to me. I was wondering where I had heard the rhythm before. Weird Al has a spoof on this song “I Preform this way” and then I heard her original song.

  2. Hi, i am Pandr
    A Babyfur panda
    And the creator of the video and of Little Fur’s Productions, I did not know that my stuff was getting around like it has.
    Thank you very much for your comments, the video was inspired by Lady Gaga song and it does speak out those of us who have been ridiculed for being who we are.
    I am a gay adult male who likes to wear diapers and act like a child and thinks of himself as a giant panda bear cub, I love myself and I love who I am.

    Pandr Panda

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