I really appreciate you!

I really appreciate you!
I really appreciate you!

This is my thank you gift to toddlergirl by :eeviechu: she drew me for free three times and I’d say four but I felt I did an unworthy story trade with her. XD

Anyway a few people pointed out and said to me after the trade we did and my spot in the comic when I spoke that I seemed like I was being a meanie to Gem. ^^; I don’t see it but it did make me feel a bit bad and I already felt like I owe her for the three times she drew me for free so I thought of doing something more light hearted, hopefully I wont seem like I’m mean to her this time. XD

Sometimes when you run into nice people that constantly gives gift, its always good to consider giving back for once, although its not required but its nice to show someone you appreciate their kindness for the time and work they put into drawing for you. :3 So thank you Toddlergirl!

  eeviechu did an amazing job with this one. I love her art style. ^^ All credit goes to her of course!

Gem and grub ©   toddlergirl

Renris © Me

Artwork ©  eeviechu

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/6523532

This was very nice of RenChu to do. There are so cute together when RenChu give a big hug to toddlergirl. I give you a golden star for this :) .

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