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Bouncy Baby Roo
Bouncy Baby Roo

This is AFTER she took me home. Also, I wonder where exactly she got that milk for that bottle. *Eyes suspiciously* Either way, I’m gonna find out.

It seams that he dont is happy whit the new mom he has now. I wounder what he thinking right now. What do you think?

The Cow Gal and the Roo
The Cow Gal and the Roo

Don’t have a name for her yet, but she’s gonna be featured in the adventures of Joey the oversized…err…Joey.

It seems being caught with his diaper exposed by this beauty of a bovine wasn’t what he’d call a stroke of luck.

Also Hurrah! I have a decent design for my furry self! I thank all of the artists who worked on his look! I couldn’t have figured it out without you!


Looks like he did not direct like to go with this new woman who says she will be his new mother. I understand if he is afraid now. But he look very cute in his diaper :)


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