story: Amanda

I thought I was a freak. You see, I am a girl and I like wearing
diapers. When I say diapers I mean diapers and rubber pants. I
was glad to learn that other people, especially women, wore diapers too.

It started when I was sixteen. I had a friend take me to get my
drivers license. I was taking the written examination when I
noticed the girl across the counter from me was dancing around.
She was hopping from one foot to the other. I thought she was so
nervous she would never pass the driving test even If she passed
the written test. Just as I finished the written test I heard her
sigh with relief and I thought she must have finished too. I soon
found out what she had finished. She had just finished peeing.
She had been dancing around trying to hold it in but had finally
let go. It was not obvious that was what had happened. But, as
she came up to turn in her test I heard a woman say “You wet your
diaper, didn’t you?” The girl said “Yes momma, I tried to hold it
but could not wait any longer.” I made It a point to look but
could see no sign that she was wearing a diaper, let alone a wet
one. Her mom must have noticed her dancing around and knew when
the girl quit what had happened.

I was told it would be about an hour before I could take my driving
test so I decided to use the ladies room while I waited. As I came
out of the stall in the ladies room I saw the same girl. She was
laying on the floor with her skirt around her waist. She was
wearing a wet diaper which her mother was removing. I washed my
hands real slow as I watched in the mirror over the sink. When the
diaper was off her, her mother washed her up, put another diaper
under her and pinned it In place. She handed the girl a pair of
rubber pants. The girl stood up, pulled the rubber pants up, let
her skirt down and they left the room. By the time I got out of
the ladies room they were calling my name to take my driving test.

I do not remember taking the driving test but I passed It and got
my license. All during the test all I thought about was seeing the
girl get her diapers changed. On the way home I told my friend
about It. I do not remember telling him about it either. He told
me later that I had told him. I guess I was to preoccupied to know
what was happening at the time.

Jerry often walked me to school as he lived down the block from me.
Shortly after I got my license he was walking me to school and
asked If I had thought about what we talked about. I said I had no
Idea what he was referring to. He said “About the diapers.” I
said “What diapers?” He then told me I had told him about seeing
the girl wearing diapers and getting them changed and he had asked
me If I wanted to wear diapers. I told him I did not recall any
such conversation and I had no Intention of wearing diapers.
“And,” I said, “even If I did want to wear diapers I would not be
about to tell you.” Jerry said if I changed my mind, he would like
to see me In them. I slapped him and walked faster.

On the way home that afternoon Jerry caught up with me and said he
was sorry, he did not mean to upset me. I told him I accepted his
apology. He asked If I minded If we talked about what I had seen.
I asked why. He said he diapered his sister at night and sometimes
he diapered her during the day too. He was just wondering if other
girls wore diapers. I said none that I knew of. He said that he
was trying to be honest with me when he said if I wore diapers he
would like to see me In them. In fact, he said, he would like to
change them for me. I slapped him again and walked home alone.

About a week later Jerry caught up with me as I was walking home
from school. He said he had a surprise for me. He gave me a
nicely wrapped package. Jerry said I was not to open it until I
was alone. That night I opened the package In my room. It
contained two diapers, pins, baby powder and rubber pants. I was
mad and if he had been there I would have slapped him again. I do
not know why, but I did not throw them out. I put the package in
the back of my closet. Every few days I would get them out and
look at them.

Jerry was right, I did want to try on the diapers. I just did not
want to admit it. Before long, I was not just looking at the
diapers, I was taking them out and feeling them. Finally, I tried
them on. They did not feel as good as I had Imagined. Later It
dawned on me, I had not used the powder Jerry had given me. The
next time I tried the diapers, I powdered myself first. The
diapers felt better then, but they still did not feel right. I had
no idea what was missing though.

Just before school was out for the summer, I wore the diapers to
school. As usual, Jerry caught up and walked with me. We were
almost at school when he said I smelled good, like baby powder.
Then he said “You are wearing the diapers aren’t you?” I said I
was not but he did not believe me. He asked If I was going to let
him see them. I denied having them on and slapped him for asking.
I made sure he missed me going home that afternoon.


A couple of days after school was out Jerry and his sister came
over. They were going to get an ice cream and wanted to know if I
wanted to go with them. On the way back Jerry asked if I wanted to
stop at his house and play Monopoly. When we got to his house I
found out his mom was not home. I was not supposed to have boys
visit unless my mom was home but was not sure if I could visit his
house. Since his sister was there, I decided it would probably be okay.

While we were playing Monopoly, in the living room, Jenny got up
and wet towards the bathroom. I assumed she had to go until she
came back carrying diapers, washcloth, and powder. Jerry said we
would continue the game as soon as he changed Jenny. With that she
pulled her skirt up around her waist and laid on the floor. Just
like the girl I had seen before, she was wearing rubber pants over
a wet diaper.

Jerry pulled down her rubber pants, took off her wet diaper, and
wiped her with the washcloth. Jerry pulled a dry diaper under her,
powdered her, pinned the diaper in place and pulled her rubber
pants back up. After she had been changed we continued our game.

Jenny asked if I wore diapers too. I started to deny it but
Instead admitted I did. She asked if Jerry changed me when I wet.
I told her of course not and she wanted to know who did change me
when I wet. I said I never wet the diapers and I put them on
myself. She said that was no fun. Half the fun was wetting the
diapers and the other half was getting them changed. She asked If
I was wearing diapers then and I said no. Jenny said Jerry would
probably diaper me if I wanted and she would loan me hers.

Jerry said he would be glad to diaper me and Jenny could watch. I
was reluctant and at the same time I wanted to say yes. Jenny ran
Into the other room and came back with diapers, pins, and rubber
pants. By then I had decided that as long as Jenny was in the room
Jerry would not try to take advantage of me. I pulled my skirt up
like she had done and laid on the floor. Jerry took my panties
down, pulled a diaper under me, powdered me, and pinned the diaper
In place. He tried putting the rubber pants on me but they were
too small so I pulled my skirt down and we continued our game.
Jenny was right about one thing, having Jerry diaper me was a lot
better than diapering myself.

Jenny said I was as hairy down there as Jerry. I asked if she had
seen him getting his diapers changed. She called me silly saying
boys did not wear diapers, only girls. I asked how she knew he was
hairy down there and she said she had seen him in the shower. She
said it as If I was asking silly questions. What I was hoping was
that he wore diapers so I could diaper him like he had just
diapered me.

We had just finished the game when Jerry’s mom came home. I had
planned on leaving before she got there so we would not get in
trouble. She did not seem to mind that I was there when no adults
were present. Then I realized I was in a diaper and my panties
were on the floor behind me where she might see them. She did too,
she picked them up and asked If they were mine. What could I do?
I said they were. She simply said that be naked under my skirt was
not acceptable behavior. Jenny said I was not naked, Jerry had
diapered me. I thought we were really in for it then. Jerry’s mom
said that was okay then, as long as I was not naked. She then
asked if I wanted to stay for supper.

After supper we played another game of Monopoly. When the game was
over I had to go to the bathroom. Jenny had wet her diaper and
Jerry had changed her while I watched again. When I said I had to
go to the bathroom Jerry’s mom said I should wet my diaper and
after Jerry changed me I should be getting home before It got dark.

I said I did not think wetting the diaper was a good Idea as I did
not have any rubber pants and my skirt would get wet. She said if
I pulled up the skirt It would not get wet.

I did not want to wet while they watched but I seemed to be in a
position where I had no choice so I did as she said. Even though
she was in the room, she paid no attention as Jerry changed me. He
took down my wet diaper, washed me, powdered me, put a dry diaper
on me and I went home wearing the diaper. Again, Jenny was right,
wetting the diaper and having Jerry change It was fun. I went home
wearing the diaper. I never did see those panties again.

I knew that my mom would not have the same attitude as Jerry’s mom
about my wearing diapers, let alone having Jerry put them on me and
change them when I wet. I intended to wear them and wet them
whenever Jerry wanted. Because of this, I spent as much of the
summer as I could at Jerry’s house. He did not diaper me all the
time but I let him know I would let him diaper me whenever he
wanted. His mom even bought rubber pants that fit me so I could
wet my diapers without having to worry about getting my skirts wet.

The first time Jerry changed me when his dad was in the room I was
so nervous I started to pee again once he had my diaper down.
Jerry calmly held another diaper over me while I wet. He then
continued to diaper me as If nothing had happened. His dad was
reading the paper and I do not think he even noticed that I was
getting my wet diaper changed, let alone that I peed while my
diaper was down.

Jerry continued to diaper me for the next two years. After high
school he went away to college. I went to a different college. I
took diapers and rubber pants with me but It was just not the same.

I have not seen Jerry since we went away to college. I have not
met anyone who I would like to diaper me so I do not wear them
often anymore. Maybe some day I will meet Jerry again, or at least
someone who I would feel comfortable telling my secret to.

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  1. I got started on cloth diapers and rubberpants[plasticpants] when i was 14.My great Aunt Sylvia was getting remarried and asked me to be her “little flower girl” and i jumped at the chance! She told me i was going to wear a white,very poofy,sleeveless,above the knees flowergirl dress with a veil,white gloves,lace anklets and white mary jane shoes and i thought the outfit was very cute!Two weeks before the wedding she brought the outfit over to our house and had me try it on.I looked cute and little girlish!The one day of the next week i got home from school and mom came into my room and took a white box off my dress and told me that it was my underwear that her and sylvia agreed on me wearing under my dress.She laid the box on my bed and took off the cover and took out a cloth diaper,diaper pins,a pair of white,shiney adult size rubberpants and a white camisole and told me that they were my “little girl” underwear as part of my flowergirl outfit.I was a little shocked,but mom told me to take off my jeans and panties and lay back on my bed so she could try them on me.I took them off and laid down and mom slid the diaper under my butt,then brought it up and pinned it.She then put my feet into the rubberpants and pulled them up my legs and over the diaper and adjusted them.They were blousy fitting and bunched up between my legs and bloused out the front,sides and back! Mom had me walk around and the rubberpants crinkled as i walked! The day of the wedding,Sylvia had my flowergirl outfit in the church nursery.Mom had me get undressed and get into a baby crib on my back and then stuck a pacifier in my mouth to relax me.She then put the diaper and rubberpants on me,followed by the camisole,lace anklets,shoes,my dress and last my veil and gloves.As we walked up to the bridal dressing room,the rubberpants were crinkling under my dress.Sylvia was all dressed in her gown and veil and was thrilled with the way i looked!The wedding started and i walked down the aisle with my basket of flowers and feeling the crotch of the rubberpants rubbing against the inside of my thighs.The wedding went smoothly and i was the hit as the little flowergirl! This was the first week in march and next month was easter and my parents informed me that i was finially going to be baptized at Easter vigil and that i have to wear my flowergirl dress with a baby style bonnet and the lace socks and shoes and the diaper and rubberpants under the dress.The time went fast,and a week before easter,a small package arrived for me from sylvia and in it was another pair of rubberpants with babyprints on them that she said were for me to wear over my diaper under my dress for my baptism.On easter sunday,mom dressed my in the outfit again and the babyprint rubberpants fit just like the white pair and crinkled.All of the other preteen and teen girls were dressed in the same white outfits like me,and some also had babyprint rubberpants over their diaper also.A month later,towards the end of may,was our First Holy Communion and i wore a cute,poofy,short sleeve communion dress and my flowergirl veil with the lace socks and the white maryjanes.The parish policy stated that all of the girls who were baptized at easter vigil had to wear their baptism diaper and rubberpants under their communion dress,so mom put the diaper and babyprint rubberpants on me again and i wore them for the day.I got to like wearing the diaper and rubberpants and feeling like a baby with them on and continued on wearing them for church,christmas,easter,etc and now at 17,i wear cloth diapers and rubberpants every day after school,to bed and on the weekends!

  2. To Cassie and Amanda-I got started on diapers and rubberpants when i was 14 and like Cassie,it was for my Catholic baptism.My gramma on moms side and my parents told me i was going to be baptized as a baby at mass the next month.Gramma had a white,infant style,knee length gown and matching bonnet made for me and got me white tights and white ‘mary jane’ shoes.Mom made a cloth diaper for me by sewing a package of baby diapers together to make one thick diaper out of them and got pink diaper pins and a pair of white adult size medium rubberpants to wear over it and a white tee shirt as my top.The saturday before my baptism,gramma brought over three size 8 pampers diapers and a pair of toddler size rubberpants and i was put into them saturday morning and had to wear them all day and to bed that night.Sunday morning,they took me to the parish nursery and had me lay in a baby crib while they put the cloth diaper,rubberpants,tee shirt and tights on me.I had a pacifier in my mouth to relax me.I got out of the crib and they put the gown,bonnet and the mary janes on me and i felt and looked like a regular baby girl! I was a little embarrassed walking up to the baptismal font with my parents and god parents dressed as a baby.Mom took my bonnet off and picked me up and held me to get the water on my head.The next year when i was 15,i made my First Communion and wore a poofy communion dress and veil with lace socks and my white mary janes and had the diaper and rubberpants on under my dress.

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