Fabine Exclusive

There is obviously something special about this diaper. It will namely be able to absorb 4 liters Liquid. Which is very much and it’ll still be able to sit nice and comfortably and not be bad for your skin. Which is very good. So you dont get any diaper rash from wearing this wet diaper over a long time. As you can see the design, I think it seems fairly attractive. But maybe they could work on it some more. A little too bad that there seems to be no image on the back side looks at the diaper

The diaper is made in Germany: http://www.buntewindel.de/www-buntewindel-de.html

A little too bad that it does not seem to have an English site. so you can explore how to buy this diaper. Are quite interested to try it.

The only site that i found that are in English is this site: http://www.abuniverse.com/products/fabineexclusive.asp

But it feels pretty silly to buy diapers that are manufactured in Germany in the U.S.. When it should be cheaper with shipping and buy it directly from Germany. But the question is how? Wonder if SAVE will sell this diaper to?

I’ll be back probably with more details later.

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4 comments on “Fabine Exclusive
  1. Scred says:

    I just found out that AB Universe sold out their existing Fabine inventory and will not continue them. It’s either factory-direct from Germany or someone else will take up the mantle from now on.

  2. m says:

    punch the Brirsh flag for english

  3. xDarcy says:

    There is an english version of the site, halfway down the left side theres a little bitty british flag and it translates the site. ^_^

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