Girl wets and messes diaper video – DPRTube

Video by: jesicashea

Seams like this girl know how to use a diaper. Always nice to see a diaper be use like that both wet and messy like a diaper should be. But from the look on the diaper butt i think she have use some enema to get the diaper that sort of wet messy that you can see on this girls diaper butt. But it is nothing bad about that diapers is made to be use this way and can handle both wet and messy things. – Your private source for enema bags, syringes and nozzles.

  • darkmario131

    what diaper is she using?

  • Jason

    It’s difficult to tell what she’s wearing, but she seemed to use it like it’s supposed to be used. She also seemed to enjoy peeing and pooping it.

  • Jason

    That’s what I use my diapers for, for wetting. I don’t poop in my diapers very much