DPRTube is the worlds largest adult baby & diaper lover video sharing site with over 400 videos all in high quality.

The site gets over 500,000 Total PVs and 5,000 Unique PVs a day so your sure your video is going to be seen by all sides of the world.

The site was founded by LukeDL on 2009-07-31 with the help from If The Diaper Fits Group (copyright 2010) ) and still going with loads more to come.

The site was designed and the idea was thought up by LukeDL (as known on the internet) to be a place were ab’s & dl’s can have there own youtube type site with out the flags and removes from members.

The site has reached its goal to be the best adult baby and diaper lover site way over taking the magour sites like diaper-space and DDtube (Daily Diapers Videos).

The owner hopes to keep the site free and going for as long as he and ITDF can so all can enjoy but with the site being the largest AB&DL video site the price to keep it running is hard.

Thanks to Owner on this site for let mi post this greet description he has wrote on my blog.

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