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Strolling Towards A Teasing

Strolling Towards A Teasing
Mistress Moogie needs a little time to herself every once in a while. She gets a spa weekend while me and my big bro Codypawz get to spend the weekend being mercilessly teased by the girls down at the local sorority house. Mistress Moogie is pushing us there in our tandem stroller and she seems to be taking the long route so that half the town will see us by the time we finally get to the sorority.

By the time we get there, we are already thoroughly embarrassed and our diapers are soaked. The girls at the sorority are going to have so much fun changing our diapers, dressing us up, making us perform for them, and teasing us about our chastity cages. At least Cody’s can come off while mine is permanent :( We can only look at each other and hope the girls don’t get too mean but when Mistress Moogie explained that girls were told that there were no limits, we knew we were doomed.

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Draw by skelbely

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/20599089/

Looks like it is going to be a long and hard day for this two diaper boys. Wounder what the girl is going to do to them? I bet it dong going to be anything nice that they boys is going to like.

Stinky diaper butt – abdljoepie


Source: abdljoepie.tumblr.com

From the look on this messy and wet diaper butt it seems like this adult baby boy have use his Tykables Overnights Diapers a couple of time before his mommy decide to check on him. It sure looks from this point off view that he is not ready for big boy pants yet.

Changing cloth

Changing clothDanya bumped her diaper rump to Enric’s bottom up in air and he fell headfirst into log and stucks. Danya changed his loincloth to diaper and patted his bottom.

Line commission from tato

Colored and story by Pidgopidgey

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/20598610/

It should make Enric more happy if Danya decide to help him get out from that log instead of changing him and patted his diaper bottom.

Beating The Summer Heat

Beating The Summer HeatSummers in Houston can get blistering hot. Good think I have my little pool and my squirt gun. Anyone want to come play in the water with me?

The cute baby wolf muarauder12

Draw by zombineko

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/20597995/

I remember when i was a kid and run around and play whit my squirt gun style= during the summer time :) It could be pretty fun some time to sneak around.

Summer Soggy Swimming

Summer Soggy SwimmingCub ??

Draw by Kircai

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/20595958/

Poor little cub it seems like he have went for some time in the pool whit his regular diaper on. I wounder what his mother is going to think about this when she find out about it.

I dont think she is going to be so happy about it.