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Don’t Drink and Drive – YCH Auction

Don't Drink and Drive - YCH Auction
Hey folks, welcome to my first ever auction. Witness or participate in this historical moment as I offer up a YCH auction to all of my friends and watchers. This art is done by Musuko42 and features me as a babyfur who has been hitting the ‘bottle’ a bit too hard before going for a ride in my play car.

The auctioned slot is that of the babyfur police officer who has responded to the scene of the crash. Winning bid gets to customize the police officer slot as well as the teddy/plushie on the ground between us.

Payment from the winner will go directly to Musuko42, I am simply running the auction in order to offer it directly to my friends and watchers.

Starting bid is £5 (payment is in British pounds as Musuko is in England.) Please keep currency conversion in mind when you bid. Currently one British Pound is roughly 1.3 US Dollars. Bidding will run until 10pm central time on Monday July 4th.

This image will be completed in Musuko’s cel-shaded style. He may add or change details at the winner’s request (non-PG changes will not be allowed). The character may be of any gender. The body build can’t be drastically different to the sketch. Any species is fine.

Payment is via Musuko’s secure payment portal at www.cleverkittycreations.com and is required within three days of winning the auction. He can accept Mastercard, JCB, Maestro, VISA and MasterPass via this portal. Please check his Terms and Conditions before bidding: http://www.cleverkittycreations.com…..onditions.html

Text by muarauder12

Text and image come from this place: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/20430065/

It is not even good to drive drunk in the babyfur world. You can hit some plush.

Caught Yet Again

Caught Yet AgainCaiden was caught eating cupcakes after he was told that he couldn’t have any. Of course this wasn’t the first time this has happened so he was promptly spanked and placed in the naughty corner to think about his choices.

Text and Caiden by tugscarebear

Draw by NazzNikoNanuke

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/20335249/

Yes if you are a naughty cub and dont follow your parents rules you end up whit a spanking and some time out. Poor Caiden he always seems to end up whit a spanked butt.

Veemon pika-pamper-suit 4

Veemon pika-pamper-suit 4
now aware that something is terribly wrong… his mind attempts to wrestle free… though it may already be too late…

Order by avarios

Draw by catmonkshiro

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/20334569/

It looks like Veemoon is starting to woke up from the hypnosis and notes that someone have force him wearing some thick diaper and that he is wearing a Pikachu costume style= now. Wounder if he can do something about it now or if it is to late about that. Maybe the next page well tell us what is going to happen whit him.

The spank machine

The spank machineFoxy have been a very naughty cub this week at the kindergarten. He have been teasing his friend Rex allot and the thing he have been up to is that every time he notes a messy stinky diaper smell in the air he runs to the teachers and scream stinkysuaorus rex have mad a stinky diaper could you please change him. He even this sort of thing when he was the stinky furry.

Now have the teachers get tired of this sort of behavior and decide to try something new when nothing else seems to help.

Draw by furrychrome


Hardcorebunnieshardcorebunnies can’t get enough of his soggy diapers. Just hearing that crinkle bottom of his as he grope himself fills him with pleasure.. He really is a diaper lover.

Bunny hardcorebunnies

Draw by Wen

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/20294254/

Yes it sure looks like this bunny like his diaper allot. It even seems like he have a nice vibrator style= to play whit to and it works great together whit the diaper.

Bottle Time!

Bottle Time!
After hours of playing with my plushie, Todd, it’s time to refuel! Good thing mama had a bottle ready for me! x3

Mama Yookey and Rex Yookey and ReXam-1

Draw by ReXam-1

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/20331530/

Yes it is always nice to have a nice warm bottle of milk to suck from after some hours playing whit your plush. Looks like mama have one hungry cub on here hand to feed now. Good thing the bottle is big :)