Waiting for Santa

Waiting for SantaThis Christmas, Kiba had decided to stay awake to see Santa’s arrival!

Kiba:”I’m sure that this time I will see Santa and I will not fall asleep like the last year!”

Then Kiba sat and waited and waited …but within several hours, he began to yawn and his little eyes began to close!

“I’m not sleepy yet!I’m…not…sleepy….yet!I’m…not!”Kiba said!

But as you are seeing, again Kiba couldn’t see Santa’s arrival, but I’m pretty sure that the gift there next to him, will make little Kiba very happy!

Santa:”Merry christmas,little Kiba!”

Lineart by Victor
Story and Coloring done by Nelson88

Cub: onikiba

Source: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/15242182/

aww it look like Kiba was to sleepy after all. Hope he have sweet dreams.

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PI-CHOOO!Sparks may have a cold, but at least he puts his scarf to use ^^

Maybe he ought to be careful going out in Winter!

Draw and Sparks: pichu90

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/15231831/

Yes it really look like Sparks have end up whit a cold special now when he have start to sneeze. And that is not so strange when he run around in the snow whit no cloths. Maybe he should go back inside and ask his mother for some cloths before it get worse.

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Horsie,horsie!Matt:”Alright! Which  of  you want   a horse ride  with me?”

Remi:”Me first!Me first!”

But the twins wanted to ride the horse at the same time and  as always, they began to fight!

Matt:”Oh not again!”

And as you can see, everything ended very  painfully for the twin’s little rear ends!^^

Lineart by Victor/colors by nelson88

Source: https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=702054

Yes it look like the ride end up to be weary painful for the twins. But it at least got the chance to ride on the horse. But not the way they had imagined.

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Flyer From Furmania

FurmaniaFlyer2This is the first flyer from Furmania.

The reason way i post there flyer on my blog is because we have a close cooperation.

You can read more about that on Furmania own spot. You find it in the menu above.  There you even find contact information.

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Foxy need help

Foxy need helpIt is only one day left to Christmas day when Foxy suddenly start to think about that he maybe have not been a nice boy this year. So he is not sure that he is going to get any presents this year so he decide to wrap up a packet to himself.

Foxy decide that a diaper package should be a good package. (Foxys mother have spare diaper in almost every room in the house). But it is harder then Foxy think to do this. He try and he try but he end up whit wrapping himself instead of the diaper package.

Maybe he should go and ask his mother for some help or some cub friends.

Draw by: Zanten94

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Foxy love to drink from his bottle

Foxy love to drink from his bottleAs you maybe know bay now Foxy love the time he have when he is lying down and drinking from his bottle. And this Christmas morning is no difference but instead of drinking the milk Foxys mother have instead give him a bottle of warm chocolate milk instead. All the warm and nice chocolate milk make Foxy feel all warm and cozy inside and soon even his diaper felt warm and nice.

Foxy love the feeling of a warm wet diaper when he drinking from his bottle it make him feel weary happy and relaxing.

Wounder what sort of fun Foxy should do when he is finish whit his bottle? Maybe he should ask his mother if he could go outside and play in the snow.

Draw by: Yuniwolfsky

Diaper Prepose Bottle abdl86 clean small Diaper Prepose Bottle abdl86 messy small

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