Foxy have end up whit a weary use diaper

Foxy have end up whit a weary use diaperYes like you see Foxy have end up whit a weary messy and wet diaper that stinks allot. Now you maybe wounder way Foxy is in this position.

The reason is that he have end up whit some bad constipation and he have receive some medication for that and now when everything is on its way out in his diaper now so it hurts allot and the diaper feels weary messy and it stinks allot.

Good thing that he have his pacifier to suck on and his Pikachu plush that he can hug whit when he is finish messing and wetting his diaper.

Wounder what his mother is going to fell when she have to changes this well use diaper.

Draw by: iakhot

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Ageplay Audio | Diaper Stories, ABDL Stories, Spanking Stories

Ageplay AudioWhat type of site is Ageplay Audio?

We produce high-quality audio recordings of ABDL Stories, spanking Stories, Age Regression Stories, DD/LG  Stories and Diaper Stories. We work with the most talented ageplay story writers and professional voice artists to provide you with the best narrated tales covering many different ageplay themes. We update the site each week with new and exclusive content for you to enjoy.

What type of storys can you find on Ageplay Audio?

This is some off the story that you can find on the site:

Losing Control - James awakes, confused and disoriented, wearing a diaper and locked into an adult sized crib. He begins to piece together the events from the night before, and recalls the evening spent with his drop-dead gorgeous girlfriend, Liz, with whom he has been trying to sleep for a considerable length of time. Is Liz at the root of this bizarre morning?

Dating and the Modern Adult Baby -It’s been a few months since your last relationship and you’ve decided to step back into the big bad world of dating. Your post on a fetish website is answered and you begin to get to know a new mommy. You’re really cautious, but so is she and here you describe how your first date went.

This is only two off the story’s that you can find on Ageplay Audio.

What do it cost to join there site?

Yes you need to pay 19.95 USD monthly. But right now they have a discount that they call: 3 months for the price of 2!

So if you wont to sign up you can click on the Ageplay Audio banner on the top at this blog post and i hope that you going to have a nice time.

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Review Of Comficare

36x-comficare-l10-600x550This is a short review about the Comficare adult diaper.


The comfort of the diaper is weary amazing it is all nice and soft against the skin and it absorb the pee amazing good witch make the surface of the padding that is close to you skin weary dry. Witch as you already know if you are a diaper carrier that you have less chance to end up whit some nasty and bad diaper rash. And the plastic is weary soft and nice to have you hand on and it is note to noisy special if you wont to wear this diaper outdoor that i dont recommend and i going to tell you way lather in this review. 

Everything is perfect when it comes to this part and i dont find anything special that i think they need to improve right now.


It absorb the liquid weary fast and the diaper dont even feels wet even if you have wet it multiply times so it dont leak witch means like it is a perfect night diaper as the company have mention in there product information (designed for night time use). So you have nothing to worry about when you sleep thisdiaper will hold all the liquid sealed inside so your bed stay all nice and clean. Whit that means it is kind of bulky so it is not the diaper you maybe wont to wear on public places if you dont wont people to notes what you are wearing.

The absorbency of this diaper can easy compare to other top adult diapers in the market like bambino, Dry 24/7 and Fabine. So i dont think they have so match to improve here maybe if they find away so the liquid spread more around in the diaper. Right now the front can get weary wet but the back can stay all dry so when you change in the morning or when you woke up the diaper can have leak a little


The diaper fits weary good around the waist and legs. It is all perfect so it is not match to say about this.


It is a weary good product and it is perfect for night time and it give you a diaper feeling that is amazing, soft and tick like a diaper should be special if you wont to have the diaper feeling when you snuggling up in bed whit your plush.

My ABDL Life recommend this diaper and i hope as maybe in the future they can make an adult baby version of it to.

You can order the diaper on allot of Internet stores like: (The company’s own website), Save Express and ABDLFactory you are going to love to wear this diaper.


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Diaper brand for Boys and Girls

Diaper brand for Girls
i did my purple bun again for this. This is for those kids who aren´t ready for potty training. ;P

Draw and text by: ConejoBlanco


This is all cute and i love the print on the T-shirt.

Diaper brand for BoysThis is a diaper for the most active guys, more thick for these big loads of n1 LOl

this bunny is imitating having a electric guitar in his hands

Draw and text by: ConejoBlanco


This two kids dont look so sad about that they still need to wear diapers and the boy look kind of cute and cool when he pretend that he is playing on a  electric guitar. That is a typical thing for a boy to do when they dream about being a rockstar when they grow up.

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Dr.Anna and the pups!

Dr.Anna and the pups!In this scene , Sammy and Remi were visiting the doctor!
In this pic, the twins are a little more  younger (some  years ago)and  a little nervous too when they were in the doctor’s office!

Dr.Anna:”Ok pups!Ready for your shots? So bottoms up!”

Remi asked timidly:”That’s gonna hurt don’t you think?”

Dr.Anna:”Just a little!”

And then the pups put a sad faces and little tears began to fall!

And the doctor  quickly said:”Awww!Don’t be afraid and don’t cry,pups!When this is over, I will give each of you a lollipop and a balloon!What you think?”

So the puppies were very happy and so the doctor also then able to finish his work with the twins!

*** Dr. Ana is based on the character from the tv series cartoon titled “Mysteries of Alfred Hedgehog”!***

Lineart by Victor/colors by nelson88


For a pup can the visit to the doctor be weary scary special if they going to have shots. Hope they dont end up having a accident now when they dont wear any diapers. But i bet that is something that is normal for a doctor that it can happen when you working whit pups.

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My ABDL Life Is Now Hosted On DreamHost

Like you maybe have notes it have been some trouble to access My ABDL Life the last few days. And the reason was that i moved my site to DreamHost (Thats is recommender bay then 2005). so that is a weary good place to host a WordPress blog if you wont to be on a server that is optimized for WordPress so it feels like a benefit to finely have my website here.

I hope this not havecaused too much trouble. But now, everything should be back to normal.

And if you decide to move your WordPress blog to Dreamhost here have you a discount code that you can use: ABDL it give you 20 USD host if you sign up for a year or 50 USD if you pick two years so the choice is up to you.

And thanks for your time and i hope that you still is going to visiting My ABDL Life.


If you wont to know what kind of host that i have use in the past you can find the information here.

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