Nick Wilde and thick diaper – foxehhyz

Nick Wilde sure looks worry. Maybe the reason for that is that he dont wont anyone to notes that he is wearing a thick diaper.

But he sure looks cute in that thick diaper :)

Pants plopper

Pants plopperThis is why you must always Remember extra stretchy. Pants

Order by Ace.13

Draw and text by yourfur


I dont think extra stretchy pants would help in this case. His messy diaper sure seems to have expended allot from the messy load.

Seems to be a one more messy diaper for that stinky loaded diaper pail he have. It sure seems like he needs to start thinking about empty it.

Post-Workout Change

Post-Workout Change

Draw and everything by sharkypaddedbottom


Yes it sure seems like someone have released one full load here into his waiting diaper in the middle of the locker room. He sure is not afraid to show that he like to use a diaper for his potty needs.

I hope he remember to bring some spare diapers whit him :)


Nothing to see here – diaperking

I dont think i can agree whit it is sure something cute to see here :)

This thick diaper sure is going to keep him all dry and cozy thought many wetting before it needs to be change or feel wet.

Cyan Diaper transformation

Cyan Diaper transformationBeing sucking into/ transformed into a diaper :o

Order by BabyCyanWolf

Draw and above text by Perfectly.Patches


Awww poor BabyCyanWolf it cannot be so match fun to be transformed into a diaper :( Soon someone is going to use you and then dump you into there diaper pail.

There’s an app for that 23

There's an app for that 23TheGamerXL Own’s his character Alex

Order by centzon

Draw by catmonkshiro


I sure wounder what is going to happen now when the laser is going to hit this two. If i remember right they sure going to put there diapers to some pretty good use. Good thing they both are wearing some thick diapers.