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Public Diaper Change

Public Diaper Change“Hey Trish, can you take Randall and get his diaper changed?” Kana said casually, browsing through a selection of dresses.

I blushed furiously, giving furtive glances to the side to make sure nobody had heard. Kana never seemed to care at all who knew what, exactly, I was forced to wear under my jeans, making each public outing something of a nauseous risk for me.

Of course, it was going to get worse before it got better. I felt Trisha, who was behind me, lift up the back of my shirt and pull out the waistband of my diaper, and give a quick sniff. I yipped and pulled away, despite myself, hoping I wouldn’t be punished for it. It was one thing to do that at home, but out in public? I just wanted somewhere to hide right now.

“Uh-uh. I changed the last poopy diaper, remember, Kana?”

I wasn’t sure what she was talking about – I distinctly remember Kana changing me last time I was messy.

“Y-yeah, sure. Okay. I’ll be back in a few, Trish,” Kana said quickly, taking my paw and ushering me out of the store with her. I was a little bit confused.

“M-mommy?” I stuttered, quietly. “A-are you okay?” She seemed a little flustered and rushed.

“Hmm? Oh, no, I’m fine, sweetie. Let’s just get you out of that stinky diaper, okay?”

I blushed furiously, and shut my mouth. I hadn’t gotten an answer, but I just chalked it up to Trisha being the more dominant partner in their relationship. She got what she wanted more often than not.

Kana approached the restrooms, but halted upon seeing the doors. Male and female, no family restroom. She looked around, re-adjusting the strap of the diaper bag on her shoulder. I whined softly, but evidently she didn’t hear me or didn’t care to respond. I hadn’t wanted to have… that sort of accident, especially not in public, but before we’d left I’d been a bit whiny about being taken along with them for shopping. Kana took me to my nursery and strapped me belly-down to the changing table, pulled my diaper down, and pushed five suppositories up under my tail. One for each time she’d warned me to be quiet.

Anyway, needless to say, the current state of my diaper had really been a matter of when.

I was broken out of my reminiscing by Kana’s voice. “Excuse me, sir?” she said. I looked around, and saw her waving down a security guard. He was a pretty good-looking striped hyena, one whom I might have considered flirting with in literally any other situation than this.

“How can I help you, ma’am?” he asked politely.

“I’m just looking for a family restroom, preferably one with a larger-sized changing table? He needs his diaper changed,” she said, nodding at me.

I wanted to wilt and die right then and there.

The hyena looked right at me and smirked. “Cute.”
I averted my eyes and stared down intently at Kana’s paw, still holding my own. At least he wasn’t revolted. I didn’t want to risk looking up at him to try and determine his reaction any more than that – I was already humiliated enough, and wasn’t sure I could force myself to do even that much. But of course, as if all this wasn’t bad enough, my brain decided to go in another direction. I swatted away curious thoughts swirling around in my brain, making me wonder if he was a good kisser, or what hyena dick would feel like under my tail. Now was definitely not the time for that. But considering how long I had be-

“ADA-compliant family restrooms are just down there,” he said, breaking me out of my inappropriate thoughts and pointing past a small independent clothing outlet store. “Lot of people miss ’em, administration converted a couple regular restrooms a few months ago rather than adding on another room next to existing ones.”

“Oh, of course, I understand. Thank you.”

“Have a good day, ma’am,” he said, tipping his hat at her, and giving me another amused smirk.

Kana quickly made her way down the central area to the rooms the hyena guard had pointed out. She was moving a bit faster than I would have liked, what with me being in a loaded diaper and all, but at least I was going to be getting cleaned up soon.

I briefly panicked when I saw the first room’s sign reading “Occupied,” but calmed down after a quick glance to the other. “Available” was a much friendlier word right now.

She took me inside and locked the door, finally letting go of my paw. I stood there uncomfortably as she unfolded the adult-sized changing table from the wall, and set my diaper bag down on the ground. She made her way over to me and lifted the front of my shirt, eliciting a small yip from me. In one smooth, practiced motion she unbuttoned and unzipped my fly and tugged my jeans down to my ankles.

“Uh oh,” she said.

“Wh-what is it?” I asked. I wasn’t embarrassed around her in a locked room – she’d seen me in this sort of situation for years and I’d long since grown used to it.

“Looks like your diaper had a bit of a blowout. Not much, but you’re not wearing these jeans until I can get them washed.”

“O-oh,” I said dumbly, scratching the back of my neck. I stepped out of the jeans and Kana placed them in a large plastic baggie she kept in my diaper bag for just such reasons. She helped me up on the changing table, and I obediently down for her.

She quickly untaped my soiled diaper, pulling it out from under me than lifting my ankles and using the comparatively clean front of the used diaper to clean up most of the mess in my fur. She taped it up and set it aside, then got the box of baby wipes out of my diaper bag.

“So, how long has it been?” she asked, beginning to clean me up. I let out a muffled grunt as she ran a baby wipe around under my balls and up the sides of my chastity cage.

“S…s-six months, I think,” I said, squirming uncomfortably at the feeling of the cold wipes. In truth it felt like years. Before I met Kana I was used to pawing myself three or four times a day. Then it was only two or three times a week, when I could sneak it in. I’d gotten a pretty nasty spanking the first time she caught me, so I knew she didn’t approve. Eventually she’d got tired of my ‘male compulsions’ and I’d been locked up ever since.

Given that she had threatened to have me neutered – and the fact that she worked as a veterinarian and was more than capable of carrying out said threat herself – I was relatively okay with this particular solution. Still, it was getting to the point where any time I saw a relatively good-looking guy, all I could think about was getting mounted. And I hate anal. That should tell you how desperate I was.

Still, I knew I wasn’t going to get pawed off in a public restroom while getting my diaper changed. As Kana finished cleaning up the remnants of the ‘accident’ in my fur, I decided to risk a question.

“Wh-when do you think, u-um… th-that I could be unlocked, maybe?” I asked, meekly.

“The SheathLocker? I might consider it when you get a handle on your potty-training.”

“B-but you said you’d never let me out of diapers!” I said frantically. Surely she didn’t intend to keep me in chastity forever?

Kana gave me a grin. “Relax, I’m just messing with you. You said it’s been six months?” She lifted my ankles again and slid a clean diaper underneath me, and sprinkling a liberal amount of baby powder into my fur.

I nodded. “To the day, I think…” I said, looking away and blushing, as she pulled the front of the new diaper up between my legs. I knew better than to lie to her, and Kana knew I knew better as well.

“Tell you what, you’ve been pretty well behaved today. Keep it up… and maybe I’ll take your cage off tonight, and you can hump my leg through your diaper.” Another grin.

I blushed, but no matter humiliating, any promise of release, no matter how it came, was more than welcome.

“Y-you promise?” I asked sheepishly, as she taped me up.

“Of course. I know you don’t consent to everything I make you do, Randall, but when have I ever lied to you?”

I thought hard, but couldn’t come up with a single incident. She always had been pretty straight-forward with me.

She tugged the hem of my shirt upward, working her fingers around the waistband of my diaper, then doing the same around the leg gathers, making sure everything was in place and ready to protect me from any leaks. Evidently satisfied, she nodded, then helped me down, folding up the changing table. She picked up her diaper bag, then took my paw.

“Uh-um… Mommy?” I asked.

“Yes, Randall?”

“M-my pants?” I looked down at my diaper, curling my toes in embarrassment at the fade-when-when pawprint designs and the toony baby animals printed all over it.

“I didn’t bring a spare change, puppy. Sorry. We can just go next door and buy you a pair. I’m sure they’ll be understanding.”

I gulped, and wanted to protest, but the promise of a release after six months of chastity was just too strong. I nodded, blushing furiously… but tugged my shirt downward with my free paw all the same. It was only next door, maybe I could do this. I nodded sheepishly at Kana.

“Good puppy. Let’s go.”

Story and furrys Draugr

Draw by applepup

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/20602207/

This was a cute and nice story that Draugr write to this drawing :)

Strolling Towards A Teasing

Strolling Towards A Teasing
Mistress Moogie needs a little time to herself every once in a while. She gets a spa weekend while me and my big bro Codypawz get to spend the weekend being mercilessly teased by the girls down at the local sorority house. Mistress Moogie is pushing us there in our tandem stroller and she seems to be taking the long route so that half the town will see us by the time we finally get to the sorority.

By the time we get there, we are already thoroughly embarrassed and our diapers are soaked. The girls at the sorority are going to have so much fun changing our diapers, dressing us up, making us perform for them, and teasing us about our chastity cages. At least Cody’s can come off while mine is permanent :( We can only look at each other and hope the girls don’t get too mean but when Mistress Moogie explained that girls were told that there were no limits, we knew we were doomed.

Featuring: citrinetopaz, codypawz and muarauder12

Draw by skelbely

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/20599089/

Looks like it is going to be a long and hard day for this two diaper boys. Wounder what the girl is going to do to them? I bet it dong going to be anything nice that they boys is going to like.

Stinky diaper butt – abdljoepie


Source: abdljoepie.tumblr.com

From the look on this messy and wet diaper butt it seems like this adult baby boy have use his Tykables Overnights Diapers a couple of time before his mommy decide to check on him. It sure looks from this point off view that he is not ready for big boy pants yet.

Changing cloth

Changing clothDanya bumped her diaper rump to Enric’s bottom up in air and he fell headfirst into log and stucks. Danya changed his loincloth to diaper and patted his bottom.

Line commission from tato

Colored and story by Pidgopidgey

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/20598610/

It should make Enric more happy if Danya decide to help him get out from that log instead of changing him and patted his diaper bottom.

Beating The Summer Heat

Beating The Summer HeatSummers in Houston can get blistering hot. Good think I have my little pool and my squirt gun. Anyone want to come play in the water with me?

The cute baby wolf muarauder12

Draw by zombineko

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/20597995/

I remember when i was a kid and run around and play whit my squirt gun style= during the summer time :) It could be pretty fun some time to sneak around.