Roaring Tyrannosaurus Rex

Crazy AR shout that you can do in the new Jurassic World Alive mobile game. You sure can do some crazy stuff whit some AR shout of a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

White Max Slip Diapers – ABDLFactory

White Max Slip DiapersThick and maximum absorbent white slip diaper with a sturdy plastic outer layer, high anti-leak barriers and 4 strong self-adhesive resealable tapes.

M = 70-100cm (27,5-39,4inch), absorption 5400ml (182,6oz)
L = 100-130cm (39,4-51,2inch), absorption 6000ml (202,9oz)

The product can be order from ABDLFactory and you find it here.

Here below is also a Youtube Video uploaded and created by the person behind the ABDL store Diaper-Minister where you also can find the product.

Refueling the car and wear only a diaper – nerdindiaper

This sure is one brave diaper boy that we have here. He is out refueling the car and wear nothing else then a Tena Slip Maxi diaper in one of the photos. That sure is one brave move.

Pride over the right diaper change – DaddySnowKitty

Looks like someone sure is pride over to change the diaper the right way :) And i sure the one that receive the diaper change from this furry is very happy about that :)

Extra credit from Monster school

Extra credit from Monster schoolLooks like Ickis may get that A for this scare.

Staring: gamemaster19863

Draw by jimmy_rumshot

Text by Se7enTiger


Yes it sure looks like Ickis is going to get some extra credit here. And it sure is a good thing that this pony’s is wearing some good diaper because it sure seems like they are putting there diapers to some pretty good use here.

Kiburi Baby drink

Kiburi Baby drinkalways best to read the labels before consuming…

The poor Lion Kiburi-Lion

Draw and text by catmonkshiro


Aww that poor Lion bet he regretted now that he did dent redan the label before consuming that drink. The good thing is that he at lest is wearing a diaper already. The bad thing is that he going to be depending on diapers for a week now.

Poor blushing lion. He sure is cute when he treys to be a big boy and dont putt his diaper to some good use.