Bite my crinkly padded tushy

Bite my crinkly padded tushyCome on bite my crinkly white padded butt if you have the courage to do that. I dont going to feel any thing because may mother always put me in some weary fluffy and thick diapers. You can see for your self if you decide to bite it how fluffy and thick it is.

Draw by: kratox

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Ready for a change

Ready for a changeFoxy was playing whit his Pikachu plushy in his crib before nap time after his bottle. When he was finish his mother checked his diaper to see if he needed a diaper change but the diaper was not so wet yet so she could wait white the change to after Foxys nap time. She put Foxy down for his nap and sing a lullaby for him.

When she wake Foxy one hours lather she checked his diaper again and this time it was weary wet. So she place foxy on a table and remove his weary wet diaper and left him there whit his legs up in the air sucking his thumb and some clean diaper on his side.

Draw by: Zanten94

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An unforgettable dream! (Gift art)

An unforgettable dream! (Gift art)As we all know, little Foxy loves his plushie named Pikachu!

“We are inseparable!” said Foxy at bedtime!

Several minutes later, Foxy was sound asleep, cuddling with his beloved Pikachu!

While Foxy was sleeping, he had a beautiful dream!He dreamed that the real Pikachu was visiting!Foxy couldn’t say anything, he just grabbed him with his paws and hugged him for a long time!

Upon awakening, Foxy took his Pikachu plushie and said:”You are very special to me, my Pikachu!”

Lineart by Victor/colors and story by nelson88


I would like to thank nelson88 and Victor for this nice gift. This is really me.

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Back to the diapers!

Back to the diapers!One Sunday afternoon, Matt and  grandpa Richard were talking about many things, including when Matt was just a pup!

Feeling somewhat nostalgic for the past, Richard offered to his son Matt ,a  good cup of coffee … but this coffee had a very special ingredient!

And that “special ingredient” transformed Matt into a pup!

Grandpa Richard with a big grin said:”My Matt is a baby again and this certificate will proves it! You’ll be a baby for several days, oh Matt…my little puppy looks so cute wearing denim diapers!”

I am sure that grandpa Richard doesn’t feel nostalgic already!*giggling*

Lineart by Victor/colors by nelson88


Aww poor Matt it seems like he is back as a cute little baby again sucking his pacifier and wearing his cute poofy diaper.

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Diaper Change with Adult Baby’s New Diaper Covers – Blond Boy

I was playing with the dinoROARs and they were going ROAR when Daddy came with the camera!! I had on my brand new diaper cover with dinoroars on it too!! I made it all by myself and Daddy said we should show it to everyone!! Anyway, then it was time for a change cause I was one soggy little boy!!

Text and video by Blond Boy and his daddy

It look like he have get some weary nice diaper cover. Sad that he dont post the link to the store where you could find it.

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Baby Bulbasaur

Baby BulbasaurSource:

Aww so cute it look like we have found a baby Bulbasaur and he look so cute now when he is blushing when he have notes that we have found his cute diaper butt.

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