Ben Reading Motortrend

Ben Reading MotortrendBen reading a motor trend magazine on his iPad after a long days work.

Ben and text by: ethan86

Draw by: Dracky


Looks like Ben is weary relax right now and happy reading the  motor trend magazine on his iPad and wearing that thick comfy diaper.

You look so happy right now :)

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Ah! no NO not yet!!!

Ah! no NO not yet!!!uk-brony of his otter scrambling for a bathroom and getting to the door just…a…little…too….late. X3

Otter: uk-brony

Draw by: emeritus_terciel


Looks like this little otter failed to make it to the big boys potty before he had an accident in the little boys potty (His diaper). Maybe he should go back to what he was doing now he dont need to change it yet. It look thick so i bet it can handle more accidents if he dont make it again.

better luck next time uk-brony.

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Embarrassment By Catheter Part 2 – Leo


Yes the diaper that Leo wake up whit seems to be kind of wet bat good thing it did dent end up leaking this time. Should not be so fun to wake up to release that you diaper have leak during the night.

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Embarrassment By Catheter – Leo


Yes i bet that this was weary embarrassing when he found out that his diaper have leak this match.

It should be something to read the next post about this.

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Tinkertail*Tugtug* Um, I had an accident >///>

Fox and text: Swiftfoxfire

Draw by: takottah


Awww it look like this little baby fox have end up whit a messy accident in his diaper. He maybe can cover the view of his messy diaper but he could newer cover the stinky smell from the messy diaper. I bet his parents is going to find out weary soon that there little baby fox needs a diaper change.

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Comficare Overnight Diapers – DiaperReindeer

This diaper review is posted by DiaperReindeer

You can order the Comficare diaper from many diaper shop on the Internet and here is a list on some off the stores where you could find it:

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