That glorious weekend

That glorious weekend

That glorious weekend feeling when you wake up and remember you are wearing a diaper. You just let your morning pee go, knowing your nappy will hold it. Then you can snooze as long as you want.

Text by: nappiesandchains

Photo by: hardkinkymind

Yes this can be one of the best thing when you wearing a night diaper that you can use the diaper instead of the potty and go  quicker back to sleep when you are done. And when you wake up the diaper feels so thick and soggy between you legs and that is a wonderful and nice thing to wake up to.

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Prisoner-AB1 by Croc – Chapter 5 & 6

This Story is written by Croc

 The Medical Room, HMP Liberty

I got wheel-chaired into the medical room by one of the many female prison guards, I was naked and pubeless. Dr. Conway was waiting for me at the medical table.

“Sweet Stanley, we’re going to make sure that all your big boy organs seize to exist.” – Dr Conway smiled as she held up a big needle.

“…What’s going on ma’am?” – I asked observing all around me.

“Say goodbye to potty training and the toilet, from now on you’re going to be wear and using nappies full time.” – Dr. Conway cooed as she bent forward to my face.

“No! Help me, anybody!” – I screamed wiggling my arms and feet which were tightly tied down.

“Ha-ha-ha, you think your plead bargain was going to be an easy ride eh? Oh no mister, you’re going to become the first pure and fine prison transformation example of our Queen and country.” – Dr. Conway smiled wickedly.

“Never!” – I shouted at this doctorate bitch. Dr. Conway walked up to me and gave me a hard slap across my cheeks, which made my eyes water up.

“Don’t you dare use that tone with me young man! In-fact…Lucy prepare for Stage 66.” – Dr. Conway asked her assistant Nurse.

“Right now?” – Lucy the nurse asked in shock.

“Do it!” – Dr. Conway commanded.

“You see Stanley; you might woo the ladies with your cute looks and peachy bottom, but not me: you, along with Mr. Lane and Mr. Miles are my guinea pigs- well lab rats. Here I have the powerful and advance medical tools of the NHS. Apart from surgically cutting and removing your bladder and bowels, I’m also going to removal the vocal nerves in your throat: meaning you won’t be able to shout or talk a normal adult for the rest of your pathetic life…you’re going to become a baby slave, either you like it or not.” – Dr. Conway giggled like a schoolgirl observing my shrivelled cock.

“You fucking whore! I’ll get my vengeance: you don’t know what I’m capable off!” – I shouted out loud before the bitch placed a needle into my arm to which I drifted off to sleep once again.

“Lucy strappy Stanley onto the table: we have much surgery to do.” – Dr. Conway smiled as she placed surgical gloves on her hands…

The Basement, HMP Liberty

It’s now nearly a full day since our arrival in this shit-hole of a prison. Jimmy the Ass was still getting ass-fucked by the dildo machine in his cell, I was in a deep sleep in the medical room: guarded from the outside with prison guards and inside with CCTV. But deep down the basement of Liberty Prison, where the sewer rats nest and where all the foul smells of mankind lay was Mr. Lane.

Karl Lane was still clothed in his white drenched overalls which were now covered in shit and piss. Karl had the cock-ring gag tight around his head and his body was positioned in a sitting position with his head forced up to the end of a drain…the female toilet drain of the prison staff. Rats were running around the small isolated cell, Karl pissed himself earlier that day thinking he was getting fed to the rats, but Karl knew that’ll be too easy for the system.

For a day now this big fat tough guy had been reduced to a human toilet: all Karl could do is cry and once Karl’s tears drained from his eyes, he kept praying to God for forgiveness. And God answered!

Karl heard the thick steel door open in-front of his eyes, the pure sunlight blinded him for a few seconds; Karl heard footsteps approach him and it was Captain Ratched!

“Good morning you no good piece of male shit! Do you want to taste more shit from us ladies? One of the girls has diarrhoea this morning; you’d like that – runny shit going through that cock-sucking mouth of yours eh?” – Captain Ratched asked as she placed her thick metal truncheon under Karl’s shit-faced throat.

“Mmmhph!” – Karl begged as he shook his head ‘no’ pouring new tears down his face.

“How do you like Liberty’s cell? We call it ‘The Swallow’ for that’s all one can be able to do, but you already know that right Karl?” – Captain Ratched smiled down at Mr. Lane then continued:

“The governor has other plans for you; that’s why I’m here to get you: but first you need a long bath, there’s going to be a presentation later and the governor wants all her three boys at the ready.” – Captain Ratched chuckled to herself as she clicked her fingers to the other female guards to take Karl away to Level 1: the bathroom.

Captain Ratched closed the door to ‘The Swallow’ then left heading back into the main prison block…

Chapter 6.

Hours later I woke up and I looked down upon me, I was wearing a thick adult babyish disposable nappy I started to cry for I know now that this is all real and not a fucked-up erotic nightmare that I used to fantasise during non-social hours in my old bedroom.

I tried to speak but I couldn’t! I placed my hands around my throat: I felt a small long scar the bitch done something to my vocal cords: I could only speak lightly like a little boy…but I still had my brain: for now!

Lucy the nurse came inside the medical wing to check on me.

“Hello you, you’re awake, aww don’t be scared I’m not here to hurt you Stanley.” – Lucy spoke to me nicely like an adult and not an object.

“Please help me, I’m all alone, I don’t even know the time.” – I lightly asked Lucy as I held my throat.

“You’ve been here for over a day now Stanley: I’m going to see if you need a nappy change, just relax.” – Lucy smiled.

“What? No, please…” – I begged in my new soft voice.

“You don’t need a change now, but regular nappy checks will be happening.” – Lucy winked at me.

“Get some rest, the presentation is this evening and you’re going to enjoy it.” – Lucy smiled placing her hand on my forehead. I magically drifted back into a deep sleep.

Lucy turned around and Captain Ratched was waiting for her.

“Have you got a minute?” – Captain Ratched nicely asked Lucy.

Lucy the Nurse: 27-years-old, petite, long straight brunette hair, DD cup breasts, toned ass.

Lucy nodded and silently followed Captain Ratched into a soundproof room – the only room in the prison where there’s no CCTV cameras. Captain Ratched locked the door.

“If Conway finds out what you’ve been doing, I’d hate to think what would happen to your pretty body.” – Captain Ratched cooed as she stroked Lucy’s bottom.

“You wouldn’t…” – Lucy lightly moaned as she tried to speak.

“You scratch my back: and I’ll scratch yours honey. With your fond kindness, you seem to be making new enemies with the female staff by the fucking minute!” – Captain Ratched shouted at the nurturing kind woman.

“Yeah, well fuck them! I want out of this fucking place! Please, Marie I’ll do anything, I didn’t know the full content of the job description when I applied here: I was deceived. I’ll do anything madam.” – Lucy submissively pleaded to the prison captain’s good nature (if she’s got a good nature?).

“Ryder, will fucking kill me for this.” – Captain Ratched sighed as she pulled out a piece of paper.

“What’s that?” – Lucy asked.

“A transfer, you sign this and all is over with: I’ll explain it all to Dr. Conway and smooth it over with the governor.” – Captain Ratched smiled.

Lucy pulled out a pen to quickly sign the two-page document.

“The other female guards they’re jealous of your looks and body figure: they sure going to miss working with you, you know.”- Captain Ratched sighed again rolling her eyes.

“Fuck them.” – Lucy told Captain Ratched as completed signing the document then giving it to her old colleague.

“So this is it?” – Lucy smiled.

“Not quite.” – Captain Ratched smirked as she pressed a button on the wall.

The door opened and three prison guards rushed to detain Lucy.

“What the fuck?” – Lucy shouted.

“The governor and Dr. Conway knew about the secret e-mails you’ve been sending to some journalists in England two weeks ago. They both along with the female staff have been listening to our chat behind the mirror over there. And this is what happens when you break the seal of approval of Liberty Prison. You’re going to become a baby slave: say goodbye to all your achievements and life back in England: you’re going to be adopted by a rich couple and become their cute little baby girl slut, by the time Dr. Conway is through with you: you won’t remember a damn thing: take her away ladies!” – Captain Ratched commanded.

“No! No!!” – Lucy cried as she was dragged away from the room by the guards.

“Good work Marie, I knew she was a rat. Looks like we’re going to have a baby girl in the prison, still Dr. Conway, can she be ready for tonight’s presentation?” – Governor Ryder asked her old friend.

“I’ll make sure of it. I’ll get on it right away.” – Dr. Conway smiled as she left the room.

“Come Marie; let’s have some tea in my office.” – Joanne smiled to her right-hand woman. The ladies left the room hearing Lucy’s screams in the background, who’ll be ready with her soon-to-be inmates for the coming night’s ‘presentation’.

This Story is written by Croc

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Prisoner-AB1 by Croc – Chapter 4

This Story is written by Croc

The Warden’s Office, HMP Liberty

Joanne Ryder walked into her office alone to greet the Prime Minister.

“Ah, Prime Minister, thank you for turning up on our first day.” – Joanne sarcastically remarked to the leader of the UK with a firm handshake.

“Jo, I’ve got a meeting with the Scottish First Minister about this September’s Scottish Independence election in two hours, I’ll be brief.” – The PM stated as he sat down in a chair opposite the prison governor. Joanne sat in her seat looking directly at the PM.

“Well?” – Joanne bluntly asked.

“This operation is a trial, if proven successful: then you and your staff will get their tax-free bonus. I have an election next May and I don’t want to be the leader of the opposition again, if you know what I mean?” – The PM commented. Joanne nodded her head.

“I can assure you sir, that here at Liberty all is full proof: We’re an island away from British civilisation, no-one knows that Liberty exists.” – Joanne smiled.
“You’re known within the prison world as ‘Smite-Head’, because you take no prisoner’s shit.” – The PM commented firmly.

“That’s right sir, and I can proof to you that these vile thugs will be turned into the most obedient subjects of Her Majesty’s realm. They will never think twice to break the law ever again…even though they won’t be able to think as an adult anyway.” – Joanne smirked at her boss.

“The government tried a similar operation two years ago, about a rich thuggish teenage boy who was sent into the Infantilism program in the midlands. This young boy who was son-and-heir to a great fortune became retarded. It was an example to the yobbish youth over the 2011 England Riots. Liberty is a personal upgrade to that.” – The Prime Minister told Joanne.

“The Infantilism Act 2015 was a failed punishment.” – The Prime Minister commented.

“Why was the Act number 2015 sir?” – Joanne asked.

“Because my political party wanted to mark 2015 as a great year for us, still, 2014 with Liberty might rejoice our election ambitions.” – The PM sighed with optimism.

“Sir, I can promise you that my ladies and I are very dedicated in making a great example with these three vile beasts, and once their transformation is complete: a press public announcement can occur to warn the great British public to not fuck with Law and Order, and the government of the day.” – Joanne rejoiced with arrogance to the PM.

“For your sake, I hope so, because it’ll be my judgement that will be questioned in front of a select committee, and I don’t want to look back on my political career looking back and see Liberty the one and only thing that is smudge. Just like that of my predecessor Mr. Blair with Iraq. Understand Ms. Ryder?” – The PM warned the powerful prison governor.

“I understand sir.” – Joanne firmly replied.

“Good, now I must leave this shit-hole, I won’t return, unless there’s an escape. Remember this operation can-not and must not be exposed to the press, online, or the general public.” – The Prime Minister again warned Joanne as he stood up from his chair.

“Thank you for coming sir.” – Joanne told her boss.

“I want you to turn those vile bastards into a political success for myself and my party for the May 2015 election: the power of medical tools and money from HM Treasury is at your disposal. Good luck Joanne.” – The Prime Minister commented as he left the warden’s office.

Joanne grabbed a case of Whiskey and poured it into a short glass, she picked it up and stared outside her window observing the pissing rain, thinking on what are the next stages for her three prisoners…

This Story is written by Croc .

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Kimberly-Clark – Huggies Diapers – The Test Town Official Trailer

YouTube Preview Image

Huggies Disposable Diapers Commercial

Enjoy The Ride:

This video is uploaded by: Tube Outpost

You find the rest of the Kimberly-Clark videos here.

This is the first time i have seen this type of diaper commercial. But it was fun to watch.

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Keep your secret safe

Keep your secret safeKeep your secret safe by putting your nappy on in the dark

Text by nappiesandchains and photo by bienen-kind.

Yes make a diaper change in the dark can be a good way to keep your secret safe but it is also hard to do the change when you dont see any thing about what you are doing.

But it look like this boy get every thing right :)

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Revisions and tests! Part 1,2 &3

Revisions and tests! Part 1

Revisions and tests! Part 1

The boss had left in charge that both Matt and Abel, will review the new diapers that had come to the company!

The  boss:”Ok  boys,check and  review the merchandise and both will   have to wear some of those diapers to see if they are comfortable!Now go to the warehouse and later  brought me the results!”

Abel  the  bear:”No problem, boss! At your service, boss!Come with me to the warehouse Matt, let’s get undressed there!”

Revisions and tests! Part 2

Revisions and tests! Part 2

And as ordered, they did!

But between diaper changes and revisions … anything can happen …

Suddenly,Matt felt like a paw was rubbing his diaper between his legs!

Abel:”Do you know that your crinkle butt sounds so cute,Matt?”

Matt:”E-e-e-rrr…thanx…oh  gee!”

Abel:”Love this sound…I think I will play some more…!As I continue playing very naughty with you, you write the notes  if  those diapers feel  nice  or  not!”

Revisions and tests! Part 3

Revisions and tests! Part 3

A little later…

Abel:”I think we’re about to end … I’ve tried all these diapers on you, now I see you’re a little sweat between your legs!Ok lie down on the floor,Matt and spread your legs, I’ll clean all that sweat from  you!There…there…a little baby powder and voila!Now you have your private parts clean and fresh!”

And Matt was totally embarrassed and said:”T-t-thanx…I  think!”

Poor Matt … once again his ass is in  the danger zone!
But I’m quite sure that if  the  boss finds what  he is doing(Abel) , he will not sit for a  very,very long while!^^

Lineart by Victor/colors by nelson88


It should be nice and fun to join this type of diaper company. To spend allot of time around all the diaper and in the same time wearing one to. That Should be something awesome and nice thing to do.

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