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So pathetic

So patheticApparently,
this otter is not very good at marking his territory. :D

Draw and everything by Skelbely

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/20927066/

Poor otter it is kind of hard to mark your territory when you are wetting your diaper instead of the tree. Maybe next time you get everything right :)

Poopy Puppy

Poopy PuppyOrder by TheAnon

Draw by KingCrazy

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/20926906/

Yes it sure looks like this little puppy have manage to release one massive stinky load into his awaiting diaper. Good thing it seems like it can manage it.

New order from TENA Butiken 30/8-2016

This months have i order allot from Tena Butiken as you may already know if you are following my blog. In this order i decided to order some diaper more designed for the night time then the other one that i have already order. So this order Tena Butiken contained following product 1 case of Tena Slip Active Fit Ultima and 1 case of Tena Slip Active Fit Maxi in size Large. Its going to be nice to try this out maybe tonight and see how it works. I’m pretty excited over this and it going to be kind of awesome. One of the bad thing about the Tena products is the Leak guard on the diaper is so low.

Kneeling Messing

Kneeling Messing from diaper seatle on Vimeo.

Awww looks like the little diaper boy needed to go potty and doing number two. Good thing his diaper can handle that sort of things to so he can keep cuddling whit his teddy bear.

Foxys Pokemon Go Adventure 29/8-2016

Today was not a 100% good day to went out to play Pokemon Go. The weather was a little rainy even if the radar image sad that it should not be rain anything today. But i was at least able to find me a the radar image Magneton and that was a new Pokemon for my pokedex. I have only 1 more Pokemon to find then i have find 100 different Pokemon types :) that should be something nice to do :)

I think i can make it happen next time i decide to sit down and evolve the Pokemon that i have captured.