That’s not how you wear a towel!

That's not how you wear a towel!I couldn’t hewp it! >////<’ *blushes*
Since it’s summer time I’ve been to the sauna like every other day so I had to draw something sauna related. :v

Rex © ReXam-1
art © ReXam-1


Yes i can agree this is not the right way that you should wear a towel so it look like that you are wearing a cloth diaper. But it make you look weary cute and i bet the reason is that you wear your towel like this Rex is because you dont feel safe whiteout your diaper. And a disposable diaper is not a good thing to where in a sauna. So i think you make a good choice any way and it make you look so super cute. I bet you receive allot of hugs in that sauna if someone find out what a cute boy they can find in there.

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I Love Pikachu

I Love PikachuI receive this lovely Pikachu Bath Towel from a Ebay action today in the mail. It look really awesome and weary cute.

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Aww So Cute Adult Size Crib

Aww So Cute Adult Size Crib

Adult Size Crib

Aww So Cute has gone above and beyond for it’s customers and created the World’s First and Only “Adult Size Inflatable Crib“. Our adult size crib is a must have item for all adult babies who have ever dream’t of owning a crib but were concerned about the cost and assembley of wooden cribs found online ($1500 + Ouchie). Our adult crib is easy to set up and most importantly “easy to put away and hide”. It is 70 inches long , 52 Inches wide,  the head board is 55 inches tall and the foot board 36 inches tall. This big baby adult crib is comfortable and made of white PVC with an attractive head board logo. Adding that extra element to your AB playtime. All you need is an electric air pump and 8 later minutes and you’re off to slumber town.

This crib is made from a durable .40 mm PVC plastic and weights 12lbs. This is an adorable yet a monsterous sized adult crib way too much fun.

We are confident that our Adult Size Crib will be very popular with all Adult Babies, Diaper Lovers, Age Players, COS Play and AB Role Playing enthusiasts. Your feedback is much appreciated.

Source for the text and photo:

If they decide to do something like this in the end i think its going to be something awesome and something completely new that no one else have.

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Good combination


Soruce for the photo:diaperedchu

This two thing is a weary good combination one bottle of Coca Cola and one thick and nice bambino Teddy where the coke maybe going to end up inside in a couple of hours.

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Review of Cuddlz new pacifier

Today i receive the pacifiers from Cuddlz that i going to renew for my blog.

cuddlz pacifier backcuddlz pacifier front


Most other adult pacifier shield have a size on 5.5cm but the shield on the pacifier from Cuddlz is 7.5cm and it make it feel bigger and i can agree on that when it try it. But i think the shield maybe should be even more better if they raised the shield a little so it came a little closer to the nose so it will be a little more natural feel and comforting felling.

But the size of the shield on this pacifier is a big improvement if we compare it to the other pacifier that is on the market for adult baby today.


When it comes to the most imported thing on the pacifier the teat have Cuddlz decide to use a silicone teat and for me i dont mind if it is silicone or something else. But i dont like that they have decide to make it rounded and not the shape that the most pacifier have. I should like if it was larger so you could get some nice baby feeling especial if you decide to suck on it like a baby do. If you decide to do that now it dont stay in your mouth any more. So i think this is something that they need to change. This rounded shape teat is not something that i feel right whit in the size it is now.


The design on the shield of the pacifier is the right one both for boys and girls it give the right baby feeling. So i have nothing bad to say when it comes to this part of the pacifier.


Cuddlz have made a good pacifier but i think that they need to make some improvements to make it even more better so it can be the number one adult baby pacifier on the market.

This is what my conclusion of this pacifier are and it may be that you experience it differently than I did.

You can order the pacifier on

Description from Cuddlz about the pacifier

Cuddlz Full natural sized adult dummy – With a large Rounded Silicone teat.

It has taken some time to get the design right with the manufacturer and we are really excited to launch this first full sized dummy that has a more natural size shield and teat. Most other dummies available have a 5.5cm width shield – our new Cuddlz Dummy is 7.5cm in width and has a unique design teat in a rounded shape to fit the mouth but feel bigger than other dummies sold for adults.

  • Scaled up adult size dummy / adult paci
  • Available in Baby Blue or Baby Pink
  • With Cuddlz Teddy on the button
  • Food grade silicone teat (no latex / rubber)
  • Measures 7.5cm Across
  • Teat is 2.5cm in Width and 3.5cm in Length (Approximate Measurements)

Only for adult use.

BPA & Latex Free. Teat made from Food Grade Silicone.

—————————————————————— is a sponsor to My ABDL Life

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Receive something fun in the mail today

1407860352.abdl86_20140812_180425I receive this two Pokemon product that i won in a Ebay action last week in the mail today. So this was some fast delivery from the United State to Sweden. I won 1 Pikachu World Cup Picnic Sheet Poster Soccer 60×90cm and one Pikachu World Cup Towel.

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