Prisoner-AB1 by Croc – Chapter 4

This Story is written by Croc

The Warden’s Office, HMP Liberty

Joanne Ryder walked into her office alone to greet the Prime Minister.

“Ah, Prime Minister, thank you for turning up on our first day.” – Joanne sarcastically remarked to the leader of the UK with a firm handshake.

“Jo, I’ve got a meeting with the Scottish First Minister about this September’s Scottish Independence election in two hours, I’ll be brief.” – The PM stated as he sat down in a chair opposite the prison governor. Joanne sat in her seat looking directly at the PM.

“Well?” – Joanne bluntly asked.

“This operation is a trial, if proven successful: then you and your staff will get their tax-free bonus. I have an election next May and I don’t want to be the leader of the opposition again, if you know what I mean?” – The PM commented. Joanne nodded her head.

“I can assure you sir, that here at Liberty all is full proof: We’re an island away from British civilisation, no-one knows that Liberty exists.” – Joanne smiled.
“You’re known within the prison world as ‘Smite-Head’, because you take no prisoner’s shit.” – The PM commented firmly.

“That’s right sir, and I can proof to you that these vile thugs will be turned into the most obedient subjects of Her Majesty’s realm. They will never think twice to break the law ever again…even though they won’t be able to think as an adult anyway.” – Joanne smirked at her boss.

“The government tried a similar operation two years ago, about a rich thuggish teenage boy who was sent into the Infantilism program in the midlands. This young boy who was son-and-heir to a great fortune became retarded. It was an example to the yobbish youth over the 2011 England Riots. Liberty is a personal upgrade to that.” – The Prime Minister told Joanne.

“The Infantilism Act 2015 was a failed punishment.” – The Prime Minister commented.

“Why was the Act number 2015 sir?” – Joanne asked.

“Because my political party wanted to mark 2015 as a great year for us, still, 2014 with Liberty might rejoice our election ambitions.” – The PM sighed with optimism.

“Sir, I can promise you that my ladies and I are very dedicated in making a great example with these three vile beasts, and once their transformation is complete: a press public announcement can occur to warn the great British public to not fuck with Law and Order, and the government of the day.” – Joanne rejoiced with arrogance to the PM.

“For your sake, I hope so, because it’ll be my judgement that will be questioned in front of a select committee, and I don’t want to look back on my political career looking back and see Liberty the one and only thing that is smudge. Just like that of my predecessor Mr. Blair with Iraq. Understand Ms. Ryder?” – The PM warned the powerful prison governor.

“I understand sir.” – Joanne firmly replied.

“Good, now I must leave this shit-hole, I won’t return, unless there’s an escape. Remember this operation can-not and must not be exposed to the press, online, or the general public.” – The Prime Minister again warned Joanne as he stood up from his chair.

“Thank you for coming sir.” – Joanne told her boss.

“I want you to turn those vile bastards into a political success for myself and my party for the May 2015 election: the power of medical tools and money from HM Treasury is at your disposal. Good luck Joanne.” – The Prime Minister commented as he left the warden’s office.

Joanne grabbed a case of Whiskey and poured it into a short glass, she picked it up and stared outside her window observing the pissing rain, thinking on what are the next stages for her three prisoners…

This Story is written by Croc .

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Kimberly-Clark – Huggies Diapers – The Test Town Official Trailer

YouTube Preview Image

Huggies Disposable Diapers Commercial

Enjoy The Ride:

This video is uploaded by: Tube Outpost

You find the rest of the Kimberly-Clark videos here.

This is the first time i have seen this type of diaper commercial. But it was fun to watch.

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Keep your secret safe

Keep your secret safeKeep your secret safe by putting your nappy on in the dark

Text by nappiesandchains and photo by bienen-kind.

Yes make a diaper change in the dark can be a good way to keep your secret safe but it is also hard to do the change when you dont see any thing about what you are doing.

But it look like this boy get every thing right :)

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Revisions and tests! Part 1,2 &3

Revisions and tests! Part 1

Revisions and tests! Part 1

The boss had left in charge that both Matt and Abel, will review the new diapers that had come to the company!

The  boss:”Ok  boys,check and  review the merchandise and both will   have to wear some of those diapers to see if they are comfortable!Now go to the warehouse and later  brought me the results!”

Abel  the  bear:”No problem, boss! At your service, boss!Come with me to the warehouse Matt, let’s get undressed there!”

Revisions and tests! Part 2

Revisions and tests! Part 2

And as ordered, they did!

But between diaper changes and revisions … anything can happen …

Suddenly,Matt felt like a paw was rubbing his diaper between his legs!

Abel:”Do you know that your crinkle butt sounds so cute,Matt?”

Matt:”E-e-e-rrr…thanx…oh  gee!”

Abel:”Love this sound…I think I will play some more…!As I continue playing very naughty with you, you write the notes  if  those diapers feel  nice  or  not!”

Revisions and tests! Part 3

Revisions and tests! Part 3

A little later…

Abel:”I think we’re about to end … I’ve tried all these diapers on you, now I see you’re a little sweat between your legs!Ok lie down on the floor,Matt and spread your legs, I’ll clean all that sweat from  you!There…there…a little baby powder and voila!Now you have your private parts clean and fresh!”

And Matt was totally embarrassed and said:”T-t-thanx…I  think!”

Poor Matt … once again his ass is in  the danger zone!
But I’m quite sure that if  the  boss finds what  he is doing(Abel) , he will not sit for a  very,very long while!^^

Lineart by Victor/colors by nelson88


It should be nice and fun to join this type of diaper company. To spend allot of time around all the diaper and in the same time wearing one to. That Should be something awesome and nice thing to do.

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*NEW* Dry 24/7 Diaper Review – Part 1

YouTube Preview Image

This Dry 24/7 Diaper Review is created by DiaperReindeer

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Prisoner-AB1 by Croc – Chapter 2 & 3

This Story is written by Croc.

Chapter 2

Prison Cell #101, HMP Liberty

Unknown hours have past; my head is pounding with pain, like I went cold turkey for an unknown injection. I’m lying on my tummy I look up and I’m in a bright white room, I see a window: barred from the outside, but as I look round I see no toilet in my prison cell – if this is my prison cell? I look down to my body and I’m naked, even worse I’m totally pubeless! Then Captain Ratched and Governor Ryder entered:

“So you’re up good! I like little boys who do as they’re told and behave well, if not? You know what we can do with you, like Mr. Lane and Mr. Miles.” – Governor Joanne Ryder commented down at me as she viewed my naked bottom.

“W-What’s happened to me? What’s happened to Karl and Jimmy?” – I asked as I struggle to gain body strength. Captain Ratched grabbed my chin and pushed me up against the nearest cold wall with her right hand holding her truncheon underneath my chin with her left:

“You should worry more about your soon-to-be shitty and miserable life, you no-good vile pissy cradle-snatcher!” – Captain Ratched shouted in my face with anger.

“Marie, drop him now!” – Joanne commanded her right-hand woman. I was released and I dropped to the floor like a sack of potatoes.

“Sorry Joanne, you know how I feel about men taking advantage of young ladies.” – Captain Ratched commented and she straightens out her SS-like uniform.

I lay on the thick black warm carpet coughing my guts out as Joanne walked up to me:

“Stanley, you’ve been asleep for over a day now: We’ve been monitoring your every move sweetie. There’s hidden cameras in every room within the prison: 24/7 CCTV surveillance. Liberty is designed to entrap the worse-of-the-worse and to be escape proof: no-one can escape, and no-one will ever escape.” – Governor Ryder told me.

“I’m weak in my whole body, what have you done to me?” – I asked the strong and powerful prison governor.

“Aww, honey, it’s all part of your slave training, you’ll be prepped for surgery very soon, this time Dr. Conway will personally inform you. Now, you asked me about Karl and Jimmy. But first take a look at the inside of the left elbow.” – Joanne commented.

I gathered strength to place out my left elbow and looked: tattooed in blue ink in Gothic font was:


“You see Stanley, you’re now part of the liberty system: blue ink for being a boy…ha, Jimmy has his prison number tattooed across his ass in pink…as for Karl Lane, well we might turn this vile shit-mouth scum into a woman…we’re keeping our options open for him, while he eats our shit and drinks our piss: if he does a good job? Then more likely he’ll become a simple slave.” – Joanne smiled down at me.

“But-But, my pubic hair, it’s all gone.” – I commented.

“Aren’t you such a good boy learning that you’ve no-longer have big boy hair. Your pubic hair will never return: we have a product much better than Veet and other hair removal cream products. Jimmy’s pubic hair has been removed…and later on so will his cock and balls!” – Joanne stated. My jaw dropped when she said that.

“Just listen to myself, Captain Ratched and the other female guards and you won’t go far wrong. If not? Just try it mister, but you’re smart enough to know what might happen. You’re going into more surgery with Dr. Conway: you’ll be knocked out with a drug, strong enough to stun a horse. So I’ll see you in two days.” – Joanne told me with a wide grin.

I just sat in the corner of this room naked waiting to go back to Dr. Conway.

Joanne walked up to Captain Ratched:

“Ma’am you have a meeting with the Prime Minister shall we…” – Captain Ratched advised her superior.

“Nope, I want to see ‘Jimmy the Ass’, lead the way to Level 2 captain.” – Joanne ordered the beastly Marie Ratched.

“Very good ma’am.” – Captain Ratched spoke as she placed a five-digit code onto my cell door. My cell door opened and both women left for Level 2…

Chapter 3

Level 2, Prison Cell #13, HMP Liberty

Both Captain Ratched and Liberty Governor Joanne Ryder walked down the cell block of Level 2. Both ladies stood outside Prison Cell #13 as Captain Ratched opened the coded door then they entered.

Jimmy Miles ‘Jimmy the Ass’ was strapped forward on his tummy on what it looks like a large stable stool: naked and mouth gagged around his head, this gag was one with a cock gag. Jimmy was full of energy; unlike me.

“Hpmhphh!” – Jimmy angrily screamed through his dummy gag to the two women.

“Look Joanne, out little girl is trying to speak her first words, isn’t that cute?” – Captain Ratched cooed as she tickled her finger under Jimmy’s chin.

“Just look around Jimmy, this is a large prison cell: lager than the one’s you’ve lived in back in England…well get used to it: this is your new home. Over here – behind you Jimmy for you haven’t seen it yet is a large pink girly crib for you to sleep in when our baby girl is sleepy.” – Joanne wickedly cooed and teased the vile rapist.

“And not forgetting Joanne, the well decorated pampered cell: with pink wallpaper and Disney princesses painted around the cell to give one that girly feeling.” – Captain Ratched smiled with delight.

Joanne walked up to the tied down Jimmy:

“Soon you’ll have to wear nappies full time, since little girls like you isn’t potty trained. You will never be able to use the big girl’s toilet ever again. And next to your large pink crib is also a large pink changing table for you to get used to getting changed by your beefy gay daddy and his uncle friends.” – Joanne coolly whispered into the fallen man’s left ear, who finally cried his eyes out.

“But Jimmy, you still need to learn your new way of life: of course you cannot see, but tattooed across your ass on both bum cheeks in Comic Sans font is:

Baby Girl for Daddy


Just to remind you personally that you’re daddy’s little bitch girl. Your prison number is tattooed in pink Gothic inside your right elbow:


I’d know you’d like it!” – Joanne giggled with sadism.

“But before surgery like Mr. Appleton, I think you need to learn to be a woman…and to experience that of what your victims went through from your cock.” – Captain Ratched smiled as she revved up the massive orgasm machine that women use to please themselves.

“What lies behind you Jimmy, is a 15inch thick erected dildo that automatically rotates and pushes in and out of one’s naked and hairless pussy, I think it’s time to pop your anal cherry don’t you?” – Joanne smiled down wickedly at the ex-vile rapist.

“Hhmmpah!” – Jimmy begged as he tried to wiggle out of his straps, hearing the dildo machine moving closer then finally feeling the dildo touch his bum crack.

“In time you’d want to be ass-fucked and suck men’s cocks at the same time. Happy love making Jimmy: be a good girl for the machine, in time you’ll learn to love it and soon want the real thing from daddy: Bye bye.” – Joanne cooed to Jimmy then walked up to the door.

Before leaving Captain Ratched turned up the level of fucking to level 5: making sure that Jimmy’s quickie is fast and painful before his surgery with Dr. Conway. Captain Ratched escorted Governor Ryder out of cell #13 then locked the door: hearing Jimmy’s cries and screaming through his cock gag.

“That was fun to watch. You see his eyes?” – Captain Ratched commented to her boss.

“I did, we’ll tell the ladies at the staff’s lunch break. Now it’s time for my meeting with the Prime Minister. I see you later Marie.” – Joanne smiled thanking her right-hand woman, then left Level 2 to go back to her office to meet with the PM…

This Story is written by Croc.

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