CM- Worthless effort

CM- Worthless effortWe all now how this is going to end… x3

Fox artie

Draw and text by CuddleHooves


Poor Foxy boy this pants that you are trying to put on over your big poofy diaper butt is to small for you. You are going to need some bigger pants if you wont to fit them over this bulky diaper that you are wearing now :)

When Nature Calls

When Nature Calls
When ya gotta go ya gotta go……..

Husky: PamperPitt

Draw by takottah


Yes when nature calls it is good to be padded  so you dont need to be embarrass that you mad a big messy accident on the floor. Now is all the messy stuff stay inside your cute and fluffy diaper ready to e change by your mother or daddy. when they have understand that you have end up whit a messy accident.


Playground exposure

Playground exposureHere is a pic of another embarrassing undies exposure when I was eight years old. It all happened when my mom took me to the park to go play at the playground. There was another kid’s birthday party going on, where he and his friends were also playing on the playground. I swung on the swings, slid down the slide, got a little dizzy on the merry-go-round and other fun stuff, but when I was going on the monkey bars, the button on my cargo pants popped off exposing my Lightning Wolf undies. The other kids started laughing, I dropped off the monkey bars, and came running to my mom crying and embarrassing. Lucky my mom brought along an emergency sowing kit, sowed the button back on my cargo pants. The birthday kid’s mom also saw what happened, and offered me a piece of the kid’s birthday cake and ice cream after he blew out the candles on his cake, and all the kids there said that they were sorry for laughing at me for what happened at the monkey bars. Sure it was embarrassing, but I got to have some cake and ice cream.

Sultz and text was created by Sultz_Z._Wolf

Draw by catmonkshiro


Poor Sultz yes this sort of thing is very embarrassing but good everything was ending good :)